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I recently had a course of four hypnotherapy sessions with Judith and I must confess I was a little unsure as to whether they were really going to help my claustrophobia which I have experienced for over 20 years. Before my first session I was nervous as to what would happen but Judith explained the simple technique (similar to meditation which I had done before) which put me at ease. Even after session1 I felt more confident. In session 2 I was taught self hypnosis which I practiced at home. By session 3 I had gone a long way to conquering my fear as I went I'm a lift 6 times (something I had not done for 20 years). Soon after my last session I went in a flight which usually brought on feelings of panic and I felt much more relaxed and in control with the techniques I had available. I can highly recommend both hypnotherapy and, in particular, Judith Hanson, who made the whole experience comfortable and empowering. Go on, give it a go - you've nothing to lose!"

LH, Northampton

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. I flew to Hong Kong and back and didn’t go into panic mode. I felt sick before I got on at London but the flight was very smooth. It was a bit bumpy on the way home but I coped!…and after re-framing my thoughts about the ex wife, we actually got on fine.

GT, Northampton

I am writing to express my deepest thanks for the change you have made to my life since I came to you for hypnotherapy. I truly feel that I have the 'me' back that I haven't had for such a long while and regret not seeking help sooner. I cannot recommend your therapy enough to everyone, I can now go away on holiday without hesitation or physical pain at the thought of going, ... I feel absolutely great now, as I used to, and in many other areas of my life other than holidays, ... I am relaxed and confident in myself, and feel so much better than I did. I know now that if I hadn't had the hypnotherapy treatment that you provided ...eventually I would not have been able to leave my house. I thoroughly recommend anyone who is experiencing any problems which their mind can take control of to contact Judith Hanson who with utmost confidentiality and care will help you to regain your normal living abilities, and more, once again.

PB, Northampton

How can I thank this lady enough. I am 24hrs away from three whole weeks of being a NON SMOKER and my bank account is looking much better too! Having been a smoker for 40 years I had some apprehension of course! I went to my session with an open mind and was determined to take full advantage of my therapy, Judith was very clear and very honest about the process, and left me under no illusion that this would only work if I was committed to becoming a NON SMOKER. I have now found a new love WALNUT WHiPS amazing and so much cheaper than the other things I purchased for so many years, and the taste delicious . Well the rest is history, I am delighted with the results. And have no reservations or hesitations of recommending Judith to anyone. Thank you thank you thank you Judith, you have made me so happy, ooh and my Husband too, who hated the old habit.

GK Northampton

Many thanks for the wonderful results you achieved with our daughter who came to you with bullying and self-esteem issues. She has flourished since your course of coaching and hypnotherapy and become a more confident person with skills to deal with this dreadful behaviour by her peers. She has also benefitted from the use of NLP in spelling enabling her to visualise the words on her mental white board thereby storing spellings safely for use next time. The virtual white board is a brilliant concept in today’s electronic mind-set. I would just like to reiterate our thanks for all your help and continued support during what has been a stressful time for all concerned and you always made her feel so important. Thank you.

KT, Kettering

The hypnotherapy sessions helped me to gain confidence in myself…” “Judith is a fantastic listener..” “I would definitely recommend Judith – she loves her work and it shows” “Judith is a lovely lady and has helped me change my negative attitude…and this has helped me change the way that I feel…”

Extracts from longer testimonials:

Just like to thank you for your help with my anxiety – you really helped me through a bad time of my life, I found the whole experience pleasant and very helpful. You taught me techniques on how to help myself through hard situations I may have faced whilst going through my anxiety and ones I will use in the future. Within 2 sessions I felt very confident I could get through any anxious times I will face. You made me feel very relaxed whilst receiving the hypnotherapy and comfortable, you’re a really good coach and therapist! I will definitely be recommending you. Thank you once again

AT, Northampton

I had never tried hypnotherapy before but Judith instantly made me feel at ease. After only a few sessions I could feel and see the difference, which has helped me immensely in everyday life. I am still on my path of self-improvement and find great strength in all the work Judith and I have done. Thanks again Judith

BP, Northampton

I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Judith. There was a clearly defined structure from the outset, which enabled me to identify and focus on my specific goals. Judith helped me to focus on those goals and to develop an action plan to help me move forward”

Julie, Director, Just Do Property

Judith coached me in a down to earth fashion, grounded in the real world. She asked powerful questions to help me to understand better the challenges that I am having to overcome and to find various options for meeting them. Judith provided a safe space where I could speak freely and remain focused on the issue at hand.

John Fitt

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Mindfulness means "intentionally paying attention to our experience (our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations) in the present moment.

The alternative is to continue to allow ourselves to be run by old habits and automatics reactions, which we do for at least 50% of the time.


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