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Package Details

Hypnotherapy Clients

I do not offer a “one size fits all” therapy. Every client is unique and receives the mix of hypnotherapy and coaching, using appropriate CBT and NLP techniques, that is the best one for them. I discuss the treatment plan with my client, explaining each technique and why I think that it is appropriate. I often suggest options so that the client can choose the one that they believe is the right one for them. I offer the very best therapy that I can provide for each and every client, based on my skills and experience but I accept that, as my client, you are the expert on your life and know what is most appropriate for you and your goals.

For all issues, except for smoking, I offer a four-session package (up to 8 hours of hypnotherapy and coaching). For many clients and issues this is sufficient and, because we have agreed specific goals and have identified what evidence will show us that we have achieved them, we will know when we are done. I warn all clients, particularly those with specific or general anxiety, that we may need more sessions to successfully achieve their goals and we agree at that end of the fourth session if additional sessions are required. Additional sessions can be either standard hypnotherapy sessions or coaching sessions by telephone or Skype. Holding my clients accountable for actions between sessions is fundamental to the way that I work and continuing this accountability where the ultimate goal may be months away can be extremely beneficial. Knowing that you have a weekly or a monthly call booked with me can boost your motivation and give us the opportunity to work on any new challenges you may be experiencing.

Coaching Clients

For those clients who are looking for coaching, with use of appropriate NLP and CBT techniques, then I offer a two to three month package, which consist of:

  • A 2 hour Intake Session
  • 3 hours of regular coaching (3 one hour sessions or 6 half hour sessions)
  • 1 Hour Completion Session

The sessions can be face to face, by telephone or Skype or indeed a mixture to suit the client’s circumstances.

Terms and Conditions

  • Full payment if you decide to proceed after the Initial Session
  • Session cancellation:
    • 24 hours notice: session will be re-arranged free of charge
    • Less than 24 hours notice: session will be charged at £80

Sessions are held at my practices in Northampton or Irchester and, for coaching only, can be done by telephone or Skype

“Opening Hours”

I am happy to work with clients at any time during a weekday day and, if necessary, on Saturday. However, I understand that my clients may find it difficult to come for sessions (or even make phone or Skype calls) during the working day and therefore my “normal” weekday hours are from 1pm to 9pm.

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Mindfulness means "intentionally paying attention to our experience (our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations) in the present moment.

The alternative is to continue to allow ourselves to be run by old habits and automatics reactions, which we do for at least 50% of the time.


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