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Hypnotherapy for Fears and Phobias


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Fear of certain situations and phobias relating to particular objects, can generate extreme feelings of discomfort, anxiety, panic and even emotional pain. When fears and phobias kick in, they impact on your personal or work life, preventing you from doing the things you want to or from leading a normal life.

Common fears include flying, heights, enclosed spaces, public speaking, whilst phobias can cover spiders, snakes, needles, dentists, dirt, blood etc.


Hypnotherapy for fears and phobias

Using visualisation, hypnotherapy can help you to learn new ways of responding to your trigger object or situation. After only a few hypnotherapy sessions, I can help you to introduce positive thoughts and form new associations, which reinforce calm, relaxed and positive feelings when in the presence of your previous trigger.

My aim is to help you manage your thoughts, feelings and responses, so that you can overcome your fears and phobias. This will help to put you back in control and enable you to lead a happier life.


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I Idecided to try hypnotherapy after my anxiety before a long planned trip to Japan was so bad I cancelled the trip.  I was having lots of irrational thoughts and 'what if's' including not being able to get on the plane and Tokyo being so busy I would have to stay in my room.  I had rescheduled the trip for eight weeks later and needed a new approach.
I instantly felt at ease in Judith's company, she took time to listen to me and come up with a plan.  Judith explained the techniques she was using and was very knowledgable about the theory behind them.   I always left Judith's sessions feeling very relaxed and confident that I could get my anxiety under control.
In the lead up to the holiday my anxiety escalated and I put into practice some of the techniques Judith had suggested alongside my self-hypnosis.  
I made it to Japan and had the most amazing time and would like to thank Judith for helping me through this difficult period.

AS, Northampton

I recently had a course of four hypnotherapy sessions with Judith and I must confess I was a little unsure as to whether they were really going to help my claustrophobia which I have experienced for over 20 years. Before my first session I was nervous as to what would happen but Judith explained the simple technique (similar to meditation which I had done before) which put me at ease. Even after session1 I felt more confident. In session 2 I was taught self hypnosis which I practiced at home. By session 3 I had gone a long way to conquering my fear as I went I'm a lift 6 times (something I had not done for 20 years). Soon after my last session I went in a flight which usually brought on feelings of panic and I felt much more relaxed and in control with the techniques I had available. I can highly recommend both hypnotherapy and, in particular, Judith Hanson, who made the whole experience comfortable and empowering. Go on, give it a go - you've nothing to lose!"

LH, Northampton

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. I flew to Hong Kong and back and didn’t go into panic mode. I felt sick before I got on at London but the flight was very smooth. It was a bit bumpy on the way home but I coped!…and after re-framing my thoughts about the ex wife, we actually got on fine.

GT, Northampton