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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety


Want to regain control of your life?

Anxiety is a distressing emotion that can cause stress, nervousness, worry, panic attacks and even depression. When your anxiety levels escalate, they can begin to negatively affect your relationships and your work or home life.


Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy, particularly using CBT, is very effective with all kinds of anxiety.  After only a few hypnotherapy sessions, I can help you to manage your anxiety using relaxation techniques, as well as learning new ways to cope with pressure or uncertainty.

My aim is not just to assist you to feel better now, but to teach you new skills so you can learn to manage your thoughts, feelings and responses in the future. This will help to put you back in control of your life and enable you to increase your levels of self-esteem and confidence too.


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I found working with Judith to be a very empowering experience.  Using NLP techniques Judith helped me revisit past experiences that had at the time caused me great distress.  Under Judith’s guidance my subconscious provided some incredible insights.  I felt safe and fully supported by Judith at all times. I now have a practical understanding that my subconscious holds the key, not my logical mind. The whole experience has helped me develop a much greater self-awareness and this continues to inform my path of self-discovery and healing.

JM, Daventry

Just like to thank you for your help with my anxiety – you really helped me through a bad time of my life, I found the whole experience pleasant and very helpful. You taught me techniques on how to help myself through hard situations I may have faced whilst going through my anxiety and ones I will use in the future. Within 2 sessions I felt very confident I could get through any anxious times I will face. You made me feel very relaxed whilst receiving the hypnotherapy and comfortable, you’re a really good coach and therapist! I will definitely be recommending you. Thank you once again

AT, Northampton

I am writing to express my deepest thanks for the change you have made to my life since I came to you for hypnotherapy. I truly feel that I have the 'me' back that I haven't had for such a long while and regret not seeking help sooner. I cannot recommend your therapy enough to everyone, I can now go away on holiday without hesitation or physical pain at the thought of going, ... I feel absolutely great now, as I used to, and in many other areas of my life other than holidays, ... I am relaxed and confident in myself, and feel so much better than I did. I know now that if I hadn't had the hypnotherapy treatment that you provided ...eventually I would not have been able to leave my house. I thoroughly recommend anyone who is experiencing any problems which their mind can take control of to contact Judith Hanson who with utmost confidentiality and care will help you to regain your normal living abilities, and more, once again.

PB, Northampton