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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and Stop Smoking

Want to get rid of negative behaviours?

Being overweight or a regular smoker can affect your health, wealth and future happiness and that of your loved ones too. Losing weight or giving up smoking is hard, so in order to make that final break, you must change the way you view your addiction forever.


Hypnotherapy for weight loss and stopping smoking

Hypnotherapy, using NLP and CBT, is very effective at changing behaviours. By identifying the underlying reasons why you overeat or smoke, I can help you replace those negative habits, behaviours, thoughts or belief with positive ones.

My aim is to help you understand what makes you eat or smoke, provide motivation as you start to challenge your past behaviours, support you as you manage your cravings and find, and then draw upon, your inner resources to cope with the change. This will help put you back in control of your life, give you a huge sense of achievement and enable you to become happier and healthier too.


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If you're looking for a hypnotherapist to help you lose weight, look no further. Judith is the very best!

MD Kettering

How can I thank this lady enough. I am 24hrs away from three whole weeks of being a NON SMOKER and my bank account is looking much better too! Having been a smoker for 40 years I had some apprehension of course! I went to my session with an open mind and was determined to take full advantage of my therapy, Judith was very clear and very honest about the process, and left me under no illusion that this would only work if I was committed to becoming a NON SMOKER. I have now found a new love WALNUT WHiPS amazing and so much cheaper than the other things I purchased for so many years, and the taste delicious . Well the rest is history, I am delighted with the results. And have no reservations or hesitations of recommending Judith to anyone. Thank you thank you thank you Judith, you have made me so happy, ooh and my Husband too, who hated the old habit.

GK Northampton