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What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a not a special state unlike anything you have every experienced before. Nor is it something that I do to you or ‘put you into’. It is a naturally occurring state that you are very used to experiencing. Think about the times when you set off from home on a journey and when you arrived at your destination, you had no memory of the intervening time. Where were you? Well, some part of you at least was driving the car – going through a complex set of activities that ensured that you arrived safely. What about the times when you have missed chunks of a television programme or you were so absorbed that you genuinely did not hear someone calling you. At these times you are in a state that some people call trance or trancelike and you will find that your experience of hypnosis is very similar. One part of you will be ware of what is going on and you may well remember some or all of it, but your focus will be elsewhere.

In hypnotherapy, you are not just drifting into daydreaming as you usually do. You are going into that trancelike state deliberately with my help and with a specific reason for doing so. Typically, you will go further into that state than you usually do and will then be able to focus on one idea - the work that we are doing - without the normal external distractions or internal thoughts. A key point is that you are not “under my control”. I cannot make you do anything you do not want to do and you are able to bring yourself out of hypnosis if you want to. I try to always give my clients an experience of hypnosis in their first session and to teach them self-hypnosis so that they can practice it while we are working together and use it as required after their therapy programme is completed.

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Mindfulness means "intentionally paying attention to our experience (our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations) in the present moment.

The alternative is to continue to allow ourselves to be run by old habits and automatics reactions, which we do for at least 50% of the time.


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