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New School Anxiety

The transition from primary to secondary school is a major one and can be the cause of extreme anxiety for your child.  You may also be anxious that your child makes a good start and is happy and successful in their new larger environment. You may have been anxious for some time about selecting and getting a place in the best school for your child and if you have not got your first choice then you may be even more concerned.

A few hypnotherapy sessions with me can help your child to relax and learn ways to cope with their fears and visualise being happy, confident and successful in their new school. Children are excellent at imagining and very curious and open about hypnosis, so four sessions is usually enough to make them feel better prepared for this major change. They also tend to be good at doing their between session “homework” to practice the skills they are learning.

The idea is not just to make them feel happy and confident about starting at their new school but also to help them to learn new skills that will serve them in the future, for instance with:

  • Exams
  • Moving on to university or into a job
  • Dealing with the emotional and social demands of being a teenager

Starting school feeling relaxed and confident in their new skills will give your child the very best chance of happiness and success in the future, so contact me today to help them prepare effectively for the next stage in their lives.

If you want your child to be as well prepared as they possible can be, please contact me so that I can help.