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Preparing for Retirement

“Age is an attitude, not a number"

Today, the average person could spend 30 years in retirement, roughly one third of their life. This can be a daunting and isolating time, or an exciting period of exploration, self-discovery and new beginnings.

These days, retired people can be found lifting weights in the gym, running marathons, travelling the globe, setting up websites…even starting a business. We are now living longer, healthier lives than ever before which means we have the opportunity to continue to grow and contribute.

  •     Are you looking forward to retiring but not ready to stop being active, learning new things, making a contribution?
  •     Do you have a lot of ideas, but no idea where to start?
  •     Do you want the confidence to try something completely new?

Coaching can enrich your retirement by helping you to explore ideas and opportunities that are right for you. I can help you to:

  •     Find new ways to achieve fulfillment and personal growth
  •     Make new friends and develop new social networks
  •     Overcome issues with confidence

My retirement coaching is not about financial planning, it is about personal development

All sessions are completely confidential.

If you are ready to start making a change for the better, please contact me so that I can help you to move forward.



About Judith


Mindfulness means "intentionally paying attention to our experience (our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations) in the present moment.

The alternative is to continue to allow ourselves to be run by old habits and automatics reactions, which we do for at least 50% of the time.


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