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I use coaching when working with hypnotherapy clients and, if agreed with my clients,  some of our sessions may be purely coaching, possibly using NLP techniques where it is more effective to do so out of hypnosis. However, I enjoy working with clients anywhere in the UK (and the rest of the world) and can do so by coaching via telephone or Skype. I specialise in three main areas but am happy to work on most issues if, after an initial telephone discusion with them, I believe that I can help achieve that their coaching goals. Face to face coaching enables me to use more NLP techniques, whereas on the phone I may well suggest some CBT work.

About Judith

I utilise all my knowledge, skills and experience (hypnotherapy, coaching, NLP, life experience) to work with each client on their specific goals. These goals can be related to a number of areas, including weight loss, stopping smoking, anxiety of all kinds, sleep problems, habits and phobias.