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How to create the body you want

Do you hate what you see in the mirror every morning? Do you have a clear vision of what you would like to see? While you can’t change your basic body shape, it does help if you can clearly see the new ‘you’ that will emerge once you have lost the weight you want to lose and reached a realistic goal.

My philosophy is that it is important to change the way you eat for life so that you can look forward to a long healthy (and slim!) life. However, it can be hard to change your eating habits and much easier to slip back into your old ways. This is particularly true if you are trying to use up your stored fat so that you lose weight and, for many of us, reaching our goal is a long process and it can be difficult to maintain your initial motivation.

This is why it is useful to have a very clear sense of what your goal is like.

Perhaps you can find a photo of yourself when you were at that goal weight (some people recommend putting it on the fridge or cupboard door to remind you of your goal when you are tempted to go for an unplanned snack!).  If there is no photo or only an old one then the following technique can help you to experience the new you and tell your mind and body exactly what is required!

  1. Settle yourself down somewhere comfortable and  quiet, take a couple of nice deep breaths, close your eyes and allow your body to relax.
  2. See yourself at the start of a long, straight road and hear your footsteps walking along the path. Tune into your feelings and the sensations in your body
  3. As you walk down the path, you see in front of you a full-length mirror. Look at yourself in that mirror and really connect with your reflection.
  4. Count from one to three and when you reach three just let that mirror fade away so that you are looking at an exact duplicate version of yourself.
  5. Now, beginning at the very top of your head, working through every part of your body, use your hands lovingly to shape and sculpt that body. Take your time to change this body into the size you want, making it toned in just the way that is right for you
  6. Go below the surface and change your very cells, removing any excesses that you want to be free of and as you do, send signals to your  mind that    this is how you choose to be from now on.
  7. Once you have got every single part of you the way that you want it to be, step back and admire the body that you’ve created.  You have given   yourself a new image and this is the real you, the you that you are becoming.In your imagination, step inside your new body and feel what it is like.
  8. Move around in this body and feel how easily and naturally it moves, feel the energy it has and the suppleness and strength. Look down and see   how attractive it looks and allow yourself to get used to what you are beginning to look like, how this feels and store this information away safely in your mind and body.
  9. Let this new body start to send messages to your mind and your body, messages about healthy eating, making a weekly eating plan and following it, being more and more easily able to resist temptations and cravings.  Tell yourself that with each pound you lose you become more and more motivated to reach your goal, more and more eager to increase the exercise you do to create the new you.

Commit to giving yourself time to repeat this exercise as often as you can.  Practicing re-creating your ideal body in your mind, as you are creating it physically by healthy eating and regular exercise, will boost your motivation to achieve your goal – your weight, your size and how you look.

If you need a little help with seeing your goal or help to take the first step (which can be the hardest of all) then get in touch with me for details of the new combined hypnotherapy and nutrition programme that is launching in September. Call on 07881620586 or email me at