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Feeling ‘too fat’ for your holiday?

Feeling ‘too fat’ for your holiday? Frustrated that, for yet another year, you can’t wear your pretty summer clothes? Convinced that people treat you differently because you’re overweight…and believing that you deserve it. Now is the time to take action…don’t wait for September or next January, just do it now.

I don’t recommend a ‘diet’ but a change to eating healthily for the rest of your life and as a result:

  • You’ll lose weight…and keep it off
  • Look good …and feel good about how you look
  • Regain your confidence…and be ready for anything
  • Be treated with the consideration and respect you deserve

My hypnotherapy programme can:

  • Help you to build your motivation
  • Show you how you can change to healthy eating
  • Teach you to eat ‘mindfully’ and really enjoy your food
  • Support you until you reach your weight loss goal
  • Guide you into a maintenance regime that works

There is so much to gain and all that you will lose is that excess weight that is weighing you down and holding you back. If you need help convincing yourself that you really want to tackle your weight problem once and for all…and that you CAN do it, just try this visualisation exercise.

Settle yourself down somewhere quiet and comfortable where you will not be disturbed, take a few deep, slow breaths and close your eyes. Go through your body from head to toe, relaxing all the muscles one by one – imagining that you are tensing them first can help you to relax them more completely than you normally do. (If you have any difficulty relaxing then request a copy of my free CD from .) Then imagine yourself walking down a path in a beautiful place and allow yourself to really enjoy looking at all the beauty around you, listen for any sounds, notice any wonderful scents on the air, feel the texture of the ground beneath your feet. Get a real sense of this wonderful place and carry on until you get to a fork in the road – this is a fork in the path of your life. You have two choices ahead of you:

  • On the left is the path where you continue as you are, losing some weight, gaining it back (and may be more!). Feeling frustrated and unhappy with yourself and the way other people treat you…on and on in the weeks and months and years ahead right up to the end of your life
  • On the right is the path where you decide today to take charge of your weight and start learning how to eat healthily, mindfully and moderately. As the days and weeks pass you become slimmer, fitter and more confident – getting better and better in the months and years ahead right up to the end of your life

Take a moment first of all to float out along the left hand path, seeing all of the consequences of losing weight and then gaining weight, never achieving your goal or, if you do, not being able to stay there. Sense all the negative effects of continuing like this on you and all aspects of your life – your health, relationships, work. When you have fully understood all of the unwanted consequences, float back to the fork in your path and float out along the right hand both, noticing all the benefits as you change your eating habits, lose weight and grow in confidence and self-esteem. See how all aspects of your life change for the better and how the benefits spread into other areas of your life.

You can repeat this whenever you need to boost your motivation for whatever reason and if you believe that I can help you to achieve your weight loss goal, please get in touch.