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Fear Of Flying

Fear of Flying


Fear of flying can come at any time of your life. Here is the story of my personal experience of having a fear of flying.


It started when I took my children on a plane for the first time, their first holiday abroad. I had been excitedly telling them all these stories about going up in the clouds, I was excited too, we were all excited to get going. We sat on the plane, ready to take off, we were all happy and relaxed. Then suddenly… as the plane started to taxi down the runway, I started thinking I was going to die. Not that the plane was going to crash (although that had crossed my mind!) but believing I was having a heart attack. My heart was thumping, my mouth was dry, I was sweating. My mind was racing, thoughts of dying right here with my kids with me… but, of course, I wasn’t going to die, I was having a panic attack. Just like that, suddenly this panic attack came from nowhere.


I don’t remember the rest of the flight, whether I got help, whether people noticed, I was oblivious. The entire 2 weeks we were away, I was anxious about flying home.


I had another panic attack on the flight home and did try one more holiday by plane and it happened on both flights so that was it - no more flying for me! Our holidays for many years involved towing a caravan all over Europe - we went with friends and, thankfully, we all loved it - me in particularly because I stayed firmly on the ground!


How I Got Over My Fear


It was a good 15 years later that I got on a plane again, this time with my daughter, to Greece. I had to go to the doctors for some valium before the trip and I had a large gin before boarding the flight! This, of course, is not what I recommend for you if you have a fear of flying as I now know a lot better. It really is so easy to get over a fear of flying with hypnotherapy - if only I had known back then, what I know now.


So if you have a holiday coming up, or you’re putting off booking a holiday abroad because you are scared of flying and the panic is building as you are just thinking about stepping on a plane, then please take some action.


If you’re near me, then please get in touch and let’s get some sessions booked in the diary. I now enjoy flying (can you believe it!) Last year I went to America with friends and had a great flight there and back. With about 4 sessions of hypnotherapy you can get to that same point of, not only not being afraid of flying, but actually enjoying it!


If you’re not near to me, then I will be launching an online course soon, hopefully in time for your holidays this year. Alternatively, please find a hypnotherapist near you that you trust and feel comfortable with and let them help you overcome this fear.