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Diets Don’t Work

We’ve all heard this or seen it in a headline but is it true? As someone who has tried most diets, I have to say that they can (and often DO work)…up to a point! The point can in fact be one of at least two points:

  • The diet is working (sort of!) – you’re losing weight but it is so hard to maintain. Living on some strange combination of chocolate bars and bananas (yes I did try that one many years ago!) sounds great to begin with but it gets tedious and you’re probably not feeling great so you give up. The trigger to stop can be a holiday or weekend away or you’re feeling happy/sad/angry or some other emotion.
  • The diet really did work. It was reasonably sensible and easy to maintain and you reached your goal weight (hurrah!!) and then you went back to the way you used to eat, somehow forgetting that this was how you became overweight in the first place.

And thus a yoyo dieter is born. Lose weight somehow for a holiday, wedding or because you can’t stand how you look and feel about yourself anymore and then return to your old lifestyle. Enjoy a brief time being the weight you want to be and then slowly but inevitably the pounds creep back and it’s time to look for this year’s “this is the last diet you’ll ever need to do” diet.

After more years than I care to remember being on a diet or feeling guilty because I needed to be, I have at last seen sense and would really love to banish the word “diet” from all languages and dictionaries. What is needed is “a change of lifestyle for life”. For life because:

  • It is the way you plan to live for the rest of your life
  • It is the way to help ensure that you HAVE a long and healthy life

In my opinion, the key components for a new healthy lifestyle are:

  • Understanding your body’s needs in terms of what food and how much
  • Making healthy food choices, where necessary swapping out unhealthy food for more healthy alternatives
  • Adopting some regular exercise regime that you enjoy and can easily fit into your life so that it really is “regular”
  • Dealing with the things going on in your head that can sabotage your efforts to adopt a healthy lifestyle (food cravings, poor body image, low self esteem, emotional reasons for eating etc.)

It can be difficult to get these components together – there is a lot of information available but the advice can often seem conflicting. However, affordable help is available, which is why I have teamed up with Louise Mercieca of The Health Kick ( Louise is a clinical nutritionist and personal trainer who can help with the first three of the components and I can deal with the last one using coaching and hypnotherapy.

We are offering a package that will help you to establish new habits of thinking and new healthy ways of living that will serve you for life. If you would like to know more, please contact either Louise or myself via our websites.