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Judith Hanson Hypnotherapy

Be the best that you can be

Sometimes in life you can feel overwhelmed. When this happens, you need help and support, so you can:

1.    Change your thoughts and feelings

2.    Start to accept yourself for who you are

3.    Take control


Anxiety can seriously affect your whole life, to the point where you are unable to work or even leave the house, dramatically effecting those closest to you and your ability to enjoy any aspect of you

Fears and Phobias

Fears like fear of flying can stop you from enjoying life to the full. Phobias of needles, for instance, or fear of medical treatment, can even affect your health.


Insomnia - problems with getting off to sleep, getting back to sleep if you wake or getting good quality sleep are very common and have very far reaching consequences

Children's Well-being

If you have concerns about your child's well-being then I can help.


Habits can have significant effects on people's lives - teasing for children and embarrassment for adults and often contribute to low self esteem.

Weight Loss & Stop Smoking

Being overweight can affect your whole life and smoking can make you feel like an outcast from society.